Saturday, December 16, 2006

Why familiarity breeds contempt?

The good ol' saying goes- Familiarity breeds contempt...Till date it is considered a myth...of course who wont be happy constantly running into their near and dear ones? theres nothing like chattin or freaking endlessly, of course there are meaningless fights to wile away time ,a comforting word of solace , a reassuring touch during the turbulent times...are priceless gifts to be blessed with from our loved ones....But there is always an undercurrent of a possibility of a contempt when we familiarise beyond a certain it whoever we know...this is the dark truth......The burden of expectations further deepens the possibility of a cold war between the souls....why is this so? the answer lies here-Never exceed your welcome....this is true everywhere...our prime duty should be to make our folks happy....yes be with them when they are happy and share their grief too...but there are times when we need to respect their need for their personal space......if we know a person well enough we can understand this certain situations...though we might expect them to understand our concern towards them...we shouldnt blame them when they make it clear that our intervention isnt needed at that point...this doesnt mean that they dint remember about what all has been done for them....they are only askin for an oppurtunity to help themselves which should be comes the idea of contempt if we impose ourselves on their thought process...we all are humans...though sumone may constantly occupy 99.99 percent of the our heart..we still need that 0.01 percent for ourselves...and that should be respected by our kith and kin....there are times when we need to leave them alone to muse....we arent desertin them...we are helping them to realise their self consciousness to exude their rationality...i would never say just familiarity breeds contempt...its just excess of that which can cause ppl lets live and let and let love

Saturday, November 11, 2006

don sweat the small stuff

how often do we sit back and think the credibility of our actions ? are they justified to us ? the others ? obviously we consider only the first long as the action gratifies us y give a damn to others ? this is a kind of mindset....the other way around would be ..oh no hav i satisfied that concerned person by my action ? is it right for that person ? if he /she doesnt mistake me it is is where we make mistakes in our intrapersonal as well as interpersonal relationships....both are important and is wrong to place our happiness in the forefront as much as it is crazy to give our commonsense a backseat! we make scores of friends form innumerous relationships....but how many of them do we maintain ? it is dis U or I ? question that builds the rift ...and the passage of time widens it....why not give this a thought it is U and I that concerns any decision or action...firstly it should comply with our conscience and with the concerned person ......come on give it a break ! v cant have the cake and eat it too...either we share and eat or we dont touch it...dats how any action or a decision concerning a relationship should it any is this decision making glitch dat gives vent to ego and attitude problems......cmon wat do we have to lose? even though we might cutback on our happiness it is always worthwile to attain peace...........the elixir of our mind....let go sum of ur ideas but not ideals...cos dats wat gonna take u to the heights of glory in buildin a relationship